Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Live Drawing Sessions at Prior Studios

Wednesday evenings 6pm-9pm we host an uninstructed "live drawing session" for artists of all abilities. The cost is $10. Our studio is located at 2539 State Street in Carlsbad. It sits behind the "Trade Center" buildings at 2551 State Street, so enter the parking lot at the south end of these buildings. We are a few blocks north of Grand Avenue, and just south of Laguna Drive. (Shown here is a photo of a clothed model which we try to include around once a month.) For the most part, artists use charcoal but are welcome to use their choice of medium. The first people to reserve their spot get to use one of the work benches we have at the studio. Otherwise, please bring a portable easel.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Here's a recent still life I've been working on, "Eggstraordinary". I had been looking for eggplant locally (to paint of course) and have not been able to find it. (I guess it's not in season?) Luckily, I came across a box of lovely eggplant at the San Clemente Farmers Market on Sunday when I was hosting the gallery there. I could hardly wait to get back to my studio to paint it! I had this beautiful orange silk handy to wrap it with in this cute little dish that my friend accidentally left at my house months ago!
Now, I better cook something with eggplant in it pretty quick!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What is a Kaffir boom?

This lovely tree caught my eye months ago (before it even had these glorious red blooms) sitting at the corner of Laguna Drive and State Street, right across from the studio space I share in Carlsbad. It overlooks the Buena Vista Lagoon and the light on it (in the morning shown here) or in the afternoon is stunning. My attempt to capture it was a wonderful experience for me, then my search for it's name was a real challenge. (you wouldn't believe how many "flowering trees, specifically "RED flowering trees" there are!) Well, finally I decided that this must be the "Kaffir boom" also called a "Coral Tree" or "Flame Tree". I found that it originated in South Africa, but also grows along coastal areas. We're sure enjoying it here in Carlsbad!
"Overlooking the Buena Vista Lagoon"