Friday, February 22, 2013

Gouache Studies Now For Sale!

Laguna Tidepools Study 4 1/2"h by 6"w $100
Recently, a friend and fellow artist was visiting and commented that she really liked my gouache works.  Truly, I love gouache, but use it primarily for studies for larger oil paintings. ( I hadn't thought to market them on my website)  So here they sit, stacked up in my studio, unframed and hidden from public view. Well, all that's changed now and I've posted quite a few of them on my website this morning for sale!  They are all very reasonably priced and can be shipped to you; ready to frame!  Here are a couple of them; the rest are in the "Gouache Miniature Gallery" found on my website.

Carlsbad Jetty Study 4"h x 10 1/2"w $100
Gouache should be framed behind glass and I highly recommend a nice white matte around them!