Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Paint San Clemente" Plein Air Competition; June 15-23, 2013

June 15th, 2013 the "Paint San Clemente" event began with a three hour "quick draw" in the area surrounding the San Clemente Community Center and Art Gallery.  "Quick draw" is a timed event, where artists paint a designated area.  The canvases of all the participating artists were stamped at 12:30pm, then we were given three hours to compose, paint, and frame our piece.  Midday is not my favorite time to begin a painting, but  I was able to produce a piece that I was pleased enough with to frame up and enter for judging (Mine was a version of a Spanish style home that sits right across the street from the Community Center) At 3:30, the paintings were turned in for judging.  While I didn't win a ribbon for my painting that afternoon, I counted it as a success since I'm feeling more comfortable painting within a set time frame, and it's good practice for the mere 90 minute quick draw events I'll be doing in the Telluride and Aspen Plein Air Invitationals in a few weeks!  As the years go by, my "batting average" is certainly improving; scraping less and less of my efforts, and more often I'm quite happy with my studies!  This I attribute to painting all the time from life, encouragement from the right people, and God's grace!
3 hour "Quick Draw"; "Restored"  11"h x 14"w 
After spending much of this week painting the beautiful town of San Clemente, here are my favorites:
"Bob's Auto Repair"  12"h x 16"w 

June Bloom 8"h x 16"w

High Tide 11" x 11"