Friday, January 13, 2012

In Front of Buffalo Brothers Guitars in Carlsbad, California

Retired Red Tractor  12"h by 16"w plein air in oil on canvas panel
Since my husband and I moved to Carlsbad a few years ago, I've been admiring this beautiful old tractor that's displayed in front of Buffalo Brother's Guitars, Bobby's Hideaway Cafe and a flower shop on El Camino Real.  Finally a few weeks ago, I brought a student to the location and we began to paint it from life.  (en plein air)  The weather has been absolutely glorious this winter in Carlsbad, so I was able to go back today to finish it!  I spoke with Marja Selna today, who is the daughter of the original property owners here.  Her parents were egg ranchers; collecting, cleaning, packaging and selling their eggs to nearby businesses. This business was sold to Olson Farms.  In 1970, they opened up a Country Store (which is why local Carlsbadians sometimes refer to the area as "the Country Store") , but now Marja primarily manages the property which is rented to other businesses.
Years ago, Marja's dad had admired the tractor at the nearby Wiegand farm, and eventually he obtained it.  For years, he kept it in good repair and repainted it red, and here it sits as a true historical representation of a time gone by in Carlsbad, California..
I entered the painting in the Carlsbad Oceanside Art League's "Members' Exhibit" this spring, and it was awarded First Place in Oil/Acrylic Category.  The judge for this show was Greg LaRock, one of my favorite plein air painters, so that was a real honor!