Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Transforming "plein air" into a large studio piece

Shown bottom center is my original plein air, which I've posted with the bigger "comp"(upper left) and even bigger (but just begun) studio piece (upper right) so that you can see the progression. I was happy with the plein air, but as I studied it and considered it for a larger studio piece I decided I wanted to try moving back from my vantage point so that I would see less of the ocean and more of the cliff sides that were so appealing to me that morning. Luckily, I had taken photographs so I had plenty of reference material. (The reason I would never begin a studio painting from photos alone is that photographs never capture colors as accurately as one can with a box of paints, but they come in real handy for this purpose!) I worked out a new composition on a 14"h by 11"w canvas panel to try it out, and I'm real happy with it!(upper left) My next project is to complete a larger (24"h by 18"w) studio painting and I have shown you here it's "first stage"(upper right) which is where I've transfered the image onto the larger canvas and have put in "basic color washes" to guide me and create a "base coat" for my finished work. As this painting progresses, I'll share images with you and hope to have it ready for the LaJolla Festival of the Arts in June!
1/7/10 Second to the top photo is a near completed section of the "ocean morning sparkle", and the landscape behind and surrounding it.
1/11/10 Here's the finished piece! 24"h by 18" wide. See it in person at the LaJolla Festival of the Arts in June! (I will post more info about that later)

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