Sunday, January 10, 2010

San Clemente Pier

Here are two plein air paintings from my visits to San Clemente this weekend. San Clemente has a beautiful pier, and I'm always captivated with the contrast of the dark wooden pylons in front of the surf in full morning sunlight. Friday, I stood in front and just a bit north of the pier, and worked fast on this small canvas panel to capture the scene. "Beyond the Blue Umbrellas" is 6"h by 8"w and will be ready for sale in about a month.
Saturday, I was surprised to find a large crowd there, waiting for a surfing contest. Where I had stood the day before, there were huge vendor tents so I had to back up a bit (on the grassy area) to take in the people gathered under the shaded pergola on the beach, and the surf beyond. "Waiting" is 8"h by 10"w and will also be available in February.

1 comment:

  1. If it has not sold, I am interested in the 8x10 "Waiting" of San Clemente. It would look great hanging next to the "Laguna Keyhole Rock" painting. I am glad to hear about your painting connections and new works! God Bless, Donna