Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Celebrating in 2011 (without a hang over!)

Happy New Year! 2010 went out with a bang for Rita Pacheco Fine Art; being awarded a "Juror's Choice Award" from the California Art Club, and First Place for the COAL gallery's Winter Exhibit, finding into a new studio space in the Carlsbad Village, and selling 5 paintings all in the last few days of December was huge fun! Worth Celebrating for sure! The rainy and cold weather kept me indoors a lot of the time and that left me with all of these beautiful and colorful still life possibilities! I've posted 9 new still life paintings on my website this morning, even one "black and white"! The two shown here are both 10" h x 8" w oil on canvas panels; "Gin & Tonic" and "Celebrate!" They are both still available and I can guarantee there will be no "hang over/side effects"!


  1. Gorgeous colors -- wonderful movement in the pieces... Not your normal still lifes..

    Well deserved accolades in 2010... I wish you more in 2011!!!