Monday, May 23, 2011

Katie Wheeler Library, Irvine, California

This past friday was the Gala Reception for the SOCALPAPA "Paint the Parks" Juried Art Show and Sale, held at the Irvine Ranch Historic Park. Juried artwork for the show needed to be dropped off at the park on friday afternoon by 1:00pm, but the reception wasn't until 6:00pm. It was a gorgeous day, and this historic building caught my eye. Five hours went by in a flash as I spent the time painting it in the afternoon sun! Today, the Katie Wheeler Library is a public library, but it's history is quite interesting: We held our 2-Day Art Sale there in the gardens this past weekend, and it was a beautiful venue!


  1. WOW, Rita!
    That's really quite a painting!! What fabulous skills you have... it's really lovely!

  2. Thank you Marian! It was a joy to paint- Honestly a beautiful piece of architecture!