Saturday, August 13, 2011

Introducing the Hartwell Winery Series

I am pleased to announce new representation at the
Hartwell Vineyards in the beautiful Napa Valley, California! These paintings were completed or started on location at the Vineyard! The Hartwells are kind and generous people, and their winery is a "must see" for your next wine-tasting tour! These eight vineyard paintings will be displayed in their tasting room for you to enjoy and purchase while you indulge in their exquisite wines! The paintings and their descriptions can be found on my website, in the "vineyard gallery". For Hartwell Vineyards, scroll down to:


  1. Happy to share that a new collector from Minnesota has just purchased two of the last of these paintings available, and will be surprising his wife with them for Valentine's Day! I hope that Steven and his wife enjoy "View from the Hill" and "Valley View" as much as I did painting them at the Hartwell Winery!