Friday, July 18, 2014

Telluride and Aspen Plein Air Events June/July, 2014

The Colorado Plein Air Invitationals were a huge success, and in fact I just learned that I was one of the TOP Sellers in Telluride!  I was thankful to have my husband and daughter travel with me, and I'm happy to say that they were able to have fun of their own while  I painted each town.
Here we are at the Fourth of July Sale in town near the Telluride Sheridan Opera House.
Several of my sold paintings in Telluride included iconic turn of the century homes like this one, titled "Telluride Charm" 6" x 8"
(which is still available by the way).  The historic architecture there is just beautifully "classic", and offers a sweet connection to America's past.
"Colorado Avenue" in the works...
"Telluride Daily Planet;front page!"

"Colorado Avenue"
"Colorado Avenue"  12" x 9" (still available) was created during the event, and above it is an article picturing it's development that made the front cover of the Telluride Daily Planet! 
"Morning Delivery", sold
The "Quick Draw" took place on the thursday before the Fourth of July.  A "quick draw"  is actually not a "drawing" but an organized painting competition, where the invited artists are asked to paint in a designated area for a designated amount of time. (this one was two hours, beginning at 10:00am sharp).  I chose to paint the side of this restored home/restaurant behind the park, where I spied and did some quick sketching and note taking to record a beautiful old pick up truck with it's delivery trailer behind. (We couldn't technically begin our paintings until 10am, and this delivery was made around 9:30am; which left me without "live" reference while I painted)  Here is a photo of "Morning Delivery" when it was almost finished, and sold at auction to a very sweet collector after the event.
"Bill Langford's Kayaks", sold
We stayed at the Telluride Lodging, and happened to see these fabulous kayaks parked pretty consistently outside our rental unit.  Both my husband and I noticed the view as the morning light streamed from behind the adjacent buildings and over the tops of the mountain beyond. I was surprised and delighted that the owner of the kayaks (and an absolute gem of a human being; in his retirement, Bill volunteers his time and the use of his kayaks to helping the disabled enjoy water sports in Telluride) was watching me paint it, and later "Bill Langford's Kayaks" was purchased as a gift for him from a sweet family friend at the Artists' Reception.  It's meeting people like this, and touching the lives of people who are such a huge contribution to our world that make this whole "plein air circuit thing" a thrill for me!  

"Fourth of July Fun", sold
Another thrill:  One of the "flappers" I painted from my husband's photo reference from 2012 happened to find herself AND HER SISTER (what are the chances??!) in my studio piece, titled "Fourth of July Fun"!  Above, "Shine" (short for Sunshine which I assure you is a fitting name!) is holding her new painting, her son at her left and husband at my right.  
"The Red Onion in progress"

"The Red Onion"  12" x 12", sold

Two delightful new collectors with their new paintings!
I met some new friends while I painted the town of Aspen, Colorado.  Blaine and Newton stood behind me while I painted a few of my works, offering encouragement.  Here they are at the weekend sale with their new paintings, "Ski Lifts from Hunter" (my quick draw) and "The Red Onion".  Here are a few of my "still available" pieces from Aspen:
"Fountain Fun"  11" x 14" oil on linen (still available!)

"Gondolas from Hunter"  12" x 9" oil on linen (still available!)

"Justice Snow's"  10" x 8" oil on linen (still available!)

"Aspen Dining"  14" x 11" oil on linen (still available!)

"White House Tavern"  10" x 8" oil on canvas (still available!)

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